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Cyber Forensics

Module 1

Introduction to Computer Forensics

  • Understanding Computer
  • Preparing for Computer Investigations
  • Procedures for High-Tech Investigations
  • Understanding Data Recovery Workstations and Software
  • Conducting an Investigation
  • Understanding Forensics Lab Certification Requirements
  • Determining the Physical Requirements for a Computer Forensics Labs
  • Selecting a Basic Forensic Workstation

Module 2

Introduction to Data Acquisitions and Investigations

  • Understanding Storage Formats for Digital Evidence
  • Determining the Best Acquisition Method
  • Contingency Planning for Image Acquisitions
  • Using Acquisition Tools
  • Validating Data Acquisitions
  • Performing RAID Data Acquisitions
  • Using Remote Network Acquisition Tools
  • Using Other Forensics Acquisition Tools

Module 3

Processing Crime and Incident Scenes

  • Identifying Digital Evidence
  • Collecting Evidence in Private-Sector Incident Scenes
  • Processing Law Enforcement Crime Scenes
  • Preparing for a Search
  • Securing a Computer Incident or Crime Scene
  • Seizing Digital Evidence at the Scene
  • Storing Digital Evidence
  • Obtaining a Digital Hash

Module 4

Working with Windows and DOS Systems

  • Understanding File Systems
  • Exploring Microsoft File Structures
  • Examining NTFS Disks
  • Understanding Whole Disk Encryption
  • Understanding the Windows Registry
  • Understanding Microsoft Startup Tasks
  • Understanding MS-DOS Startup Tasks
  • Understanding Virtual Machines

Module 5

Current Computer Forensics Tools

  • Evaluating Computer Forensics Tool Needs
  • Computer Forensics Software Tools
  • Computer Forensics Hardware Tools
  • Validating and Testing Forensics Software

Module 6

Computer Forensics Analysis and Validation

  • Determining What Date to Collect and Analyze
  • Validating Forensic Data
  • Addressing Data-Hiding Techniques
  • Performing Remote Acquisitions

Advanced Modules

Module 7

Macintosh and Linux Boot Processes and File Systems

  • Understanding the Macintosh File Structure and Boot Process
  • Examining UNIX and Linux Disk Structures and Boot Processes
  • Understanding Other Disk Structures

Module 8

Recovering Graphics Files

  • Recognizing a Graphics File
  • Understanding Data Compression
  • Locating and Recovering Graphics Files
  • Identifying Unknown File Formats
  • Understanding Copyright Issues with Graphics

Module 9

Network Forensics

  • Network Forensics Overview
  • Performing Live Acquisitions
  • Developing Standard Procedures for Network Forensics
  • Using Network Tools

Module 11

E-mail Investigations

  • Exploring the Role of E-mail in Investigations
  • Exploring the Roles of the Client and Server in E-mail
  • Investigating E-mail Crimes and Violations
  • Understanding E-mail Servers
  • Using Specialized E-mail Forensics Tool

Module 12

Cell Phone and Mobile Device Forensics

  • Understanding Mobile Device Forensics
  • Understanding Acquisition Procedures for Cell Phones and Mobile Devices

Module 13

Report Writing for High-Tech Investigations

  • Understanding the Importance of Reports
  • Guidelines for Writing Reports
  • Generating Report Findings with Forensics Software Tools


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